Guerilla News

Guerilla Reporting

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

Martin Luther

At Guerilla News we only promote high-quality information written by individuals showing expertise, authority and trustworthiness in their area. Our reporters called Guerilla Reporters use our website or app to submit their stories to us and we publish them post editorial review as appropriate. Reporters earn monetary and non-monetary rewards based on the significance and quality of their contribution.

Guerilla reporters can write on any topic of common interest for example, you might write about local news or events in your city; you could fact-check a newspaper article and point out factual errors or unfairness; or you can convey an important message through photos or video footage of a newsworthy event or happening in your city or neighbourhood and post it online.

Anyone can become a Guerilla Reporter; you don’t need to be an experienced journalist to be Guerilla Reporter. Key criteria are as follows:

  • Not less than 16 years.
  • Willing to contribute to society and the nation with accurate and non-biased reporting of anything that you cover. Please make sure your story is original. If you did not write it or did not take the photographs/videos/audios, please do not share them via our website.
  • Working knowledge of the internet and a reasonable command of English.
  • See something you don’t like or really appreciate? Have an insightful perspective on news and issues!? Don’t Wait! Report it NOW!