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The Horse No Money Can Buy

The Horse Even Ravindra Jadeja Couldn’t Buy

Indian Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is fond of horses. His approbation for one particular horse ‘Dhanraj’ made him give a ‘blank cheque’ to the horse’s owner. He was disappointed when the horse owner flatly refused the offer. Not wanting to let go of the horse still, Jadeja requested the horse owner to lend him ‘Dhanraj’ for a fortnight. Jadeja initially offered Rs 1 Crore for the horse, refused by the owner. Unwilling to let go, he offered Rs 2 Crore, again denied. He eventually  offered a blank cheque. Finally,  he asked the horse to be lent to him for 15 days, which was agreed by the owner.

Kamlesh Bharadwaj from Ahmedabad who owns the horse said,” I bought the horse for Rs 1.98 lakh, I feed him well and take good care of him and he is like my family member. The horse is swift like the wind, extremely well built, energetic and powerful”.

Asked how much money he has been offered for the horse in the past, he chuckled,” I have been offered Rs 2 Crore for the horse and said a straight no. I have sold Dhanjraj’s son though, who is 12 months old for Rs 21 Lakh.”

What is so special about ‘Dhanraj’ the horse:

-It is 64 Inches tall, weighs 700 kg and has won more than a dozen state level horse championships.

– Its owner spends Rs 50,000 every month on the horse

– The horse drinks 10 litre milk every day

-It eats 10 Kg organic fodder every day

Ghoda Ho To Aisa Ho!!


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